TOPJOB®s Multilevel Installation Terminal Blocks with Internal Disconnection

The new TOPJOB®S multilevel installation terminal block with internal disconnection completes the range of TOPJOB®S terminal blocks for building installation. This makes insulation resistance measurement extremely easy and safe, while halving testing times.

Measuring of insulation resistance doesn’t get any easier. Disconnect the top potential level by pulling out the movable knife disconnect and perform measurement using the new N/L test plug adapter (the N/L test plug adapter connects external conductors (N,L) via an integrated vertical test slot). The rail plug slot is mounted in the center, fitting exactly with the recess in the distribution box. This is where the new WAGO double and single fuse holders are also used.

wago The TOPJOB®S installation terminal block is available in all versions for every day practice. It can be easily integrated into existing rail-mounted configurations with multilevel installation terminal blocks from the 2003 Series with N-disconnect slide links and still leaves much room for connection of wires in standard distribution boxes.

The maximum nominal current of up to 25A across the knife disconnect guarantees a variety of applications in building installation.

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