Dx50-2 Distance Sensor

The beginning of endless measurement possibilities

SICK’s Dx50-2 sensors provide the perfect combination of measurement performance and size. Based our patented HDDM™ time-of-flight technology, this product family provides precise and reliable measuring, with ranges of up to 10 m on black targets, and up to 30 m on white targets. The Dx50-2 sensors feature an intuitive display, saving time during installation and commissioning.

sickTheir high output rate delivers up to 3,000 distance values per second for maximum throughput and process quality. The Dx50-2 sensors have a rugged housing and provide reliable operation despite extreme temperatures and harsh ambient conditions. Since the settings for speed, sensing range, and repeatability can be adjusted to meet current requirements, the Dx50-2 sensors can be customized to suit each and every possible application.

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